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試験科目:「Building HPE SDN and FlexNetwork Solutions」
問題と解答:全85問 HPE0-Y53 無料過去問

>> HPE0-Y53 無料過去問


NO.1 A customer has five data centers. Each data center hosts 10 tenants and separates the tenants
using VLAN assignments. The network administrator is connecting the data centers using EVI. How
should the administrator separate the tenant traffic over the EVI links?
A. Extend all VLANs over the same EVI network. Use EVI VLAN mapping to map each tenant's VLANs
to a unique S-VLAN.
B. Set up a QinQ subinterface for each tenant on the EVI tunnel interfaces.
C. Set up a unique EVI network ID for each tenant and extend that tenant's VLANs over that EVI
D. Set up a routed subinterface for each tenant on the EVI tunnel interfaces.
Answer: C

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NO.2 What correctly describes the role of OpenFlow in an SDN solution?
A. OpenFlow is an open standard technology that regulates how the SDN control plane and the
application plane communicates.
B. OpenFlow integrates the SDN controller into a larger management suite, such as the one provided
in the HP Helion CloudSystem solution.
C. OpenFlow regulates the communications among teamed SDN controllers, as well as between an
SDN controller and a network infrastructure device.
D. OpenFlow is a communication protocol that an SDN controller can use to control how network
devices forward traffic.
Answer: D

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NO.3 Which requirement does EVI selective flooding help administrators fulfill?
A. the need to transmit multicast traffic between data centers for applications that do not use IGMP
to register
B. the need to conserve bandwidth or inter-data center links by minimizing the flooding of ARP and
other common broadcasts
C. the need to minimize the impact of EVI on routing switch performance by decreasing EVI protocol
D. the need to control which tenants are allowed to communicate between specific data centers
Answer: A

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NO.4 Refer to Exhibit:
A network administrator wants to connect four data centers using HP EVI. What is the correct setup
for the EVI tunnel interfaces?
A. three EVI tunnel interfaces on Switch 1, which will act as the hub and one EVI tunnel interface each
on the other switches
B. three EVI tunnel interfaces on each EVI edge device-one EVI tunnel interface is required for each
GRE tunnel in the mesh
C. one EVI tunnel interface on each EVI edge device-the devices automatically establish GRE tunnels
between these interfaces
D. one EVI tunnel interface on Switch 1, which will be configured as the ENDP server, and no
interfaces on the other switches
Answer: C

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