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NO.1 An architect needs to demonstrate the financial advantages of a proposed HPE server and
Hypervisor-based solution compared to a legacy server environment that has traditional servers and
Which tool should the architect use?
A. HPE Business Technology Optimization
B. Hyperscale Business Value Calculator
C. Client Virtualization ROI Calculator
D. HPE Business Process Monitor
Answer: B

NO.2 An architect needs to design a solution for a customer that stores all data on third-party
NAS storage, and that does not yet have a database solution. The new HPE-based solution must be
optimized for data mining.
How can the current data stored on the NAS be used for data mining?
A. connecting the database to the NAS as main storage by using a TOE Host Bus Adapter
B. attaching the database directly to the NAS storage by using a Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter and
by using the NAS for all DB tables
C. using the database application import functionality to migrate the data from the NAS to block-level
storage for processing
D. attaching the database directly to the NAS storage by using an iSCSI Host Bus Adapter and by using
the NAS for all DB tables
Answer: C

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NO.3 A customer needs an HPE Apollo 6000 solution and Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA).
Which network interconnects should the architect recommend for this solution? (Choose two.)
A. FlexFabric
B. 12G SAS
C. GbEthernet
D. Infiniband
E. 16 Gb Fibre Channel
Answer: C,D

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NO.4 An architect plans to propose a solution and illustrate how it will reduce the predictable and
repeatable costs for items and services not registered as assets.
Which reporting period information helps the architect achieve this goal?
A. gross profit (GP)
B. total cost of acquisition (TCA)
C. internal rate of return (IRR)
D. operating expenditure (OPEX)
Answer: D

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成功の喜びは大きいです。我々は弊社のソフトを通してあなたにHPのHPE0-S22 出題内容試験に合格する喜びを感じさせると希望しています。あなたの成功も我々ShikenPASSの成功です。だから、我々は力を尽くしてあなたにHPのHPE0-S22 出題内容試験に合格させます。我々はHPのHPE0-S22 出題内容試験のソフトだけでなく、各方面のアフターサービスの上で尽力します。

安全かつ最も信頼性の高いHP HPE0-S22 出題内容問題集販売サイトとして、我々はお客様の個人情報を内緒し、支払いの安全性を保証しています。だから、我々社のHP HPE0-S22 出題内容問題集のさまざまなバージョンを安心に購買できます。弊社は量豊かのIT試験資料を所有するから、あなたは別のHP HPE0-S22 出題内容試験に関心を寄せるなら、ShikenPASSでは需要したい資料を尋ねたり、弊社の職員に問い合わせたりしています。

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