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試験科目:「Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test - Math」
問題と解答:全260問 PSAT-Math 難易度

>> PSAT-Math 難易度


NO.1 In a college, some courses contribute more towards an overall GPA than other courses. For
example, a
science class is worth 4 points; mathematics is worth 3 points; history is worth 2 points; and English is
worth 3 points. The values of the grade letters are as follows, A= 4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0. What is the
of a student who made a "C" in Trigonometry, a "B" in American History, an "A" in Botany, and a "B"
A. 3.33
B. 2.86
C. 3.08
D. 2.59
E. 3.67
Answer: C

PSAT-Math 必殺   

NO.2 Lee worked 22 hours this week and made $132. If she works 15 hours next week at the same
pay rate,
how much will she make?
A. $90
B. $104
C. $57
D. $112
E. $122
Answer: A

PSAT-Math テスト   

NO.3 If n is an odd integer, which of the following must be an odd integer?
A. 2n
B. 4n+1
C. 3n+1
D. n+1
E. n-1
Answer: B

PSAT-Math トレーニング   PSAT-Math 情報   
If n is an odd integer, both one more and one less than n will be even integers, eliminating choices (A)
(B). Any even multiple of n will be an even integer, eliminating choice (C). However, 4n is even,
making 4n
+1 an odd integer. The answer to this problem is (E). Note that 3n + 1 is even if n is odd and it is odd if
n is
even. Since the question asks, "Which of the following MUST be an odd integer," (D) cannot be the
correct answer.

NO.4 What was the average weight of the infant from April to October, rounded to the nearest
A. 10 lbs 9 ounces
B. 10 lbs 5 ounces
C. 11 lbs 5 ounces
D. 10 lbs
E. 11 lbs 9 ounces
Answer: A

PSAT-Math 番号   

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